The Czech Method of Preparing Absinthe

The Modern Bohemian, or “Flaming” method, is a new method of absinthe preparation rumored to have originated in the Czech Republic.

Step 1
Pour your dose of Absinthe into your Absinthe Glass. Generally Absinthe is mixed 1:3 to 1:5. Some Absinthe Glasses have a Dose Mark to make this easier.

Step 2
Place your Absinthe Spoon on top of the glass but before you put the Sugar Cube on top of the spoon, soak it in the Absinthe for a few seconds.

Step 3
Light the Absinthe soaked Sugar Cube on fire and let it caramelize and drip into the drink before you begin adding the water.

Things to note when using this method:
High proof alcohol is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. Drunk people, flammable liquids and flame do not mix well.
Using this method will damage spoons other than those made of Chrome or Stainless Steel. Do not use Gold Plated or Silver Plated spoons.
This method is frowned upon by Absinthe “Purists.”

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