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Salvia Divinorum Experience

I had tripped on Salvia Divinorum once before and completely terrified myself initially with the first hit.  So now I took several little hits carefully with little effect. I experienced a reasonably strong body high and some mild throbbing in the walls and floors, but nothing truly visionary. Being foolish and thinking to myself “I knew it had to be too good to be true” I greatly upped the dosage and took a huge hit, keeping the lighter on it the whole time (my mistake

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  1. Hi
    awesome post – i’m creating video about it and i will post it to youtube !
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  2. The first picture looks different than the second. What types of Salvia Divinorum can be used as entheogen. In my place I saw plants that looks like the first pic.


    • There are several salvia species that have different forms of psychoactivity.

      The second picture shows Salvia Splendens, frequently grown for its beautiful, bushy flowers that can be red, yellow, orange, or purple. Claude Rifat and Kevin Brunelle were the first to note its psychoactivity. Subsequent reports indicate tranquilizing or sedative effect if it is either smoked or taken by the chewed/sublingual route. Both leaves and flowers have been reported to exhibit this tranquilizing activity. However its purported psychoactivity has been called into question and may turn out to be an example of placebo effect.

      The third picture: some other members of the mint family (to which genus Salvia belongs) are psychoactive, for example there is a Central Asian mint known as ‘intoxicating mint’ (Lagochiles inebriens) whose leaves are reportedly toasted and then brewed into a sedative tea.

  3. What is the first pic of? This plant is a weed where I live and grows everywhere.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve replaced the first pic as the old one was a bit misleading. I hope you can confirm that the first pick now shows the Salvia Divinorum weed that you know.

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