Life and Music

What is life if not the pilgrimage to oneself? Here’s a wonderful video clip made on Alan Watt’s lecture on life and music: [tags]entheogen, drugs, psychedelics, mind-expansion, consciousness, plant teachers[/tags]

Shamanic Tools

The physical body is the PRIMARY tool implemented by the shaman. It’s brain and central nervous system serves as a host for consciousness, allowing it to experience its immediate physical circumstances. On Earth, the physical body most readily accepted by shaman consciousness is that of homo sapiens species. The human body is a result of […]


A Psychonaut is a person who uses psychoactive entheogens as guides, or means, to achieve inward spiritual experiences, and who reflects upon these experiences and applies them to their own life in a positive way, with the intent of bettering themselves. The word entheogen is a modern term derived from two Ancient Greek words entheos […]

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