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Ayahuasca Experience

This was a wonderful experience and one of those for which words will not be adequate. My kundalini energy was released and it felt like a colorful snake, formed by my energy fields, was encircling my spine in a spiral embrace. It was a feeling of absolute unity with myself – a reunion.

I opened up to an aspect of my higher self outside of the ego and experienced the love there from the self to the self. This love was intense

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  1. I am very surprising to see the link for sale “ayahuasca packs”. I really dont recommend take ayahuasca only by yourself, if you really can prepare.
    Ayahuasca is very powerful (in mind and spirit) and you MUST take with a shaman (a medicine-man). You must be guided. Go to Brazil, Peru, Ecuador or Peru.
    My native country is Ecuador, we have a rainforest and a large and ancient culture in shamanism. I take only two times in my life, and in a few words, the experience is like I was really dead. You really go to another place.
    (my english is not perfect).

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