Ayahuasca Experience

This was a wonderful experience and one of those for which words will not be adequate. My kundalini energy was released and it felt like a colorful snake, formed by my energy fields, was encircling my spine in a spiral embrace. It was a feeling of absolute unity with myself – a reunion.

I opened up to an aspect of my higher self outside of the ego and experienced the love there from the self to the self. This love was intense and it lasted throughout the journey. Also present was the feeling of unity with All That Is and, bizarrely, a continual sense of dejavu as I kept re-experiencing the one moment.

I saw the ego as a facet of my whole, not as the whole itself, and realized that beyond the ego is here. There is no difference. Getting beyond the ego requires one to always stay in “here” and “now”.

Importance of anything is relative when it comes to ego, for it defines and sets values on its own. Beyond ego, relationships change. Things which were important to the ego become unimportant. The true nature of the relationship can only be recognized outside of the ego.

Having had these revelations, I had to re-define the meaning of ego and its role in my mind. Ego is not me, it is my ‘make-up’, something to be in the life experience.

Because of the higher love I was feeling, this ayahuasca experience was physically quite easy-going, but full of important insights. It may take me a lifetime to assimilate all information I received. Until then, it’ll be stored in my subconscious.

I had very strong rapport with my Higher Self, and was receiving precisely the information I needed. It came in the form of descriptive metaphoric images, which – according to ‘plant teachers’ – are the most efficient form of communication. After each experience, I am left with a feeling for inadequacy of language.

The lesson I learned: To live in truth, in oneness, love for self and others, one eternal moment. To be all that I am.

We carry the past so that we can use it in the future.
Otherwise who will carry the past? It is unnecessary. If there is no future,
what is the point of carrying the knowledge that the past has given to you?
It is carrying a burden which will destroy the joy of the journey.
And let me remind you, it is a pure journey.
Life is a pilgrimage to nowhere, from nowhere to nowhere.
And between these two nowheres is the now-here.
Nowhere consists of two words: now, here.
Between these two nowheres is the now-here.

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  1. I am very surprising to see the link for sale “ayahuasca packs”. I really dont recommend take ayahuasca only by yourself, if you really can prepare.
    Ayahuasca is very powerful (in mind and spirit) and you MUST take with a shaman (a medicine-man). You must be guided. Go to Brazil, Peru, Ecuador or Peru.
    My native country is Ecuador, we have a rainforest and a large and ancient culture in shamanism. I take only two times in my life, and in a few words, the experience is like I was really dead. You really go to another place.
    (my english is not perfect).

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