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Here you will find a constantly updated collection of links to various e-books on anything that has to do with cancer research, alternative treatment methods, recommended exercise, nutrition supplements, spiritual guidance, emotional support, and recovery.

  • Cancer-Free (Third Edition)

    Gentle, Non-toxic Healing Of Cancer Is Not Only Possible — Ive Done It For Over 3,000 People In The Last 8 Years. Join My Crusade. Help People Avoid The Barbaric Chemo, Radiation And Surgery Which Kills Millions Of Cancer Patients Every Year.

  • Cancer: From Diagnosis To All Clear In 11 Months

    Glenn Johnsons Personal Story Of Victory Over Esophageal Cancer Without Surgery. This Book Includes His Medical Reports And The Nutritional Regime He Followed.

  • Alternative Cancer Treatment Guide

    How To Successfully Treat Cancer Using Inexpensive, Proven, Natural Therapies.

  • Meditation And Cancer : Does It Help?

    Dr Jacqui Dodds Shares Her Research And Recounts The Journeys Of Six People With A Cancer Diagnosis Who Use Meditation As Part Of Their Healing Strategy. Share Their Highs, Lows, Hope And Acceptance And Get A Close Up Picture Of How Meditation Can Help.

  • Richardson Cancer Diet By Dr. Janet Hull

    A Natural Effective Cancer Diet For People With Cancer Or For The Prevention Of Cancer.

  • German Cancer Breakthrough

    An Investigative Report On The Remarkable Successes Achieved By Six Outstanding German Cancer Clinics, Including One Visited By President Reagan When He Had Cancer.

  • Cancer Cure Secrets – (4th Ed)

    Overcome Cancer! – Non Toxic, Inexpensive Cancer Treatments, Thousands Of Copies Sold.

  • The Doctor Who Cures Cancer

    Dr. Robert Atkins Wrote, ‘a Must-Read For Anyone Interested In The Battle Against Cancer And Aids.’ The Medical Director Of Sloan-Kettering Said, ‘Patients Walk In Dead And Walk Out Alive!’

  • Journey To Surviving Cancer Naturally

    A Cancer Sufferer Turned Her Back On The Medical Profession And Survived Her Cancer Naturally. She Provides Her Story And A Step-by-step Eating Plan And Weekly Schedule So That Others Like Her Can Start Immediately And Benefit From The Amazing Research.

  • Cancer – Step Outside The Box

    Discover The Truth About Cancer That 94% Of Doctors Don’t Even Know Exist, And The Greedy Drug Companies Hope You Never Find Out…

  • 10 Step Formula Cures Any Form Of Cancer

    The Proven, Natural And Inexpensive Way To Get Rid Of Cancer Without Chemotherapy, Radiation And Expensive Drugs!

  • New Non-toxic Cancer Treatments

    A New Medical World Is Being Introduced To The Cancer Patient. Integrative Medicine Offers New Therapeutic Solutions, Without Toxic Side Effects And With Excellent Results. It Includes The Best From Both Mainstream And Alternative Medicine.

  • Triplecure For Cancer, Diabetes, And Obesity

    Triplecure Is The Final Answer To Cancer, Diabetes, And Obesity. Triplecure Provides All-natural Ayurvedic And Organic Herbal Remedies That Will Once And For All Cure These Diseases. The EBook Provides All The Details And Answers Regarding The Cures.

  • Cancer, Its Causes & Its Cure

    Cancer Facts And Information On Its Causes And How To Cure It. These Included Diet, Exercise And The Removal Of The Toxic Chemicals We Are In Contact With Everyday. Emotional Stress Is Also A Contributing Factor.

  • Treating Prostate Cancer Naturally

    Helping Men Understand And Treat Prostate Cancer Naturally.

  • Cancer Cures & Cover-ups

    Cure Cancer Naturally! Cancer Is Not A Death Sentence. Know Your Options & Live. Cancer Industry Deception Exposed.

  • Natural Cancer Remedies That Work

    The Most Effective Natural Cancer Remedies From Dr. Morton Walker.

  • Cancer Breakthrough USA

    An Investigative Report On 16 Little-known American Clinics That Turn Around Even Hopeless Cancer.

  • Cancer & Health- It’s All About The Cell

    Discover The Truth About Cancer And How To Eliminate Sickness And Disease Naturally By Health Expert Dr. Thompson!

  • Pancreatic Cancer Survival Guide

    This Comprehensive Ebook Provides Details On Chemo, Radiation, Holistic Treatments, Statistics, Surgeries, Nutrition, How To Boost Your Immune System, Links, Recommended Reading, Success Stories, And Sites Over 140+ Sources In 90+ Pages.

  • Crack The Cancer Code

    EBook full of simple strategies you can do in your own home, and research that everyone touched by cancer needs to know if they stand any real chance of beating it.

  • Cancer Defeated! How Rich And Poor Alike Get Well In Foreign Clinics

    An Investigative Report On The Remarkable Successes Achieved By South Of The Border Clinics In The Fight Against Cancer.

  • Dog Cancer Survival Guide & Video

    Cancer Is The #1 Killer Of All Dogs. One In Three Dogs Gets Cancer. World Respected Dog Cancer Vet Helps With Quality Book & Video.

  • Hope For Lung Cancer: How 7 Survivors Beat The Disease

    Interviews With Lung Cancer Survivors, Including References To Resources, Support Groups & Clinical Trial Matching Services. Also Includes 21 Frequently Asked Questions.

  • The Chemo Brain Report By Susan Hardwicke, Ph.D

    Breast Cancer Survivor And Pioneer In Brain Nutrition, Dr. Hardwicke Offers Real Help To Those Suffering From Side Effects Of Chemotherapy. This 23-page Report Is Informative, Readable, And Extremely Helpful To Anyone Who Has Had Chemotherapy.

  • Get Relief From Overwhelming Medical Bills

    Let A Brain Cancer Survivor Show You How To Negotiate With Doctors, Avoid Bankruptcy, And Pay Off Your Medical Bills, Without Breaking The Bank!

  • The Mediterranean Diet

    Safe, Easy, Achievable, Healthy Diet & Recipes. Centuries Of Verification And Its Tasty. Also Known As The Heart Diet Or Cancer Diet And Is Currently One Of The Most Respected Diets Known Today.

  • Stop Your Doctor Killing You

    Advice And Information On How To Deal With Doctors And Hospitals. Avoid Losing Your Life, Or The Life Of A Loved One As A Result Of The Frequent Mistakes Made By Doctors And Hospitals. Doctors And Hospitals Kill As Many People As Cancer And Heart Disease.

  • Malignant Melanoma

    Malignant Melanoma. How I Survived Malignant Melanoma. I Also Interviewed Other People Who Managed To Survive Melanoma Naturally.

  • Super Immunity Secrets

    Exciting Ebook For Our Times, Delicious Recipes And Color Photos, Easy For Anyone To Read And Follow. How To Enjoy Ancient Herbs And Spices Everyday (used For Thousands Of Years) Now Proven In Clinical Studies To Kill Viruses, Bacteria And Even Cancer.

  • Fire Your Doctor!

    New Product – No Competition!! Cancer, Heart Disease, Asthma, Acne And Much More Have Been Shown To Be Different Effects Of A Common Cause — One That Can Be Easily Addressed With Diet. Also, Weight Loss!

  • Spengler Health Plan

    Mal-nutrition Is The Cause Of Dis-ease, Aches And Pains Including Heart Problems, Cancer, Diabetes And Almost All Others. The Spengler Heath Plan Is An Extensive Questionnaire About Yourself, Backed By A 60 Day Guarantee Of Improvement Of Symptoms.


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