Kyäni Health Triangle Product Review

Recently I found something that has brought much good and happiness into my life, and it makes me want to share it with the whole world. It is the Kyäni Health Triangle, revolutionary nutritional supplements I’ve been taking for the past 6 months. Here is a quick overview of what they do:

  • Detox your body,
  • Fortify your immune system,
  • Increase metabolism,and
  • Give you a strong energy boost

I can personally testify to their effectiveness. But more than that, the healing power of Kyani Health Triangle goes further than that.

In June last year, my mother was diagnosed with brain tumor. It wasn’t malign, but at 8 cm in length, it was still a pretty bad one. After the surgery, my mother could barely speak, and we were told that the expected recovery time frame is 4 years. It was about that time I ran into Barbara, a childhood friend whom I haven’t seen in ages, and she recommended Kyäni Health Triangle for my mom. Barbara has had Systematic Lupus for years. When she started taking Kyäni, after only a few weeks her Lupus syndromes had gone into remission and have been inactive ever since. She explained that Kyani health supplements were highly effective in treating cancer, diabetes, migraine, and many other diseases. Although I was impressed with Barbara’s personal story about lupus going into remission, I was very sceptical of the rest. The way she told it, Kyäni could heal everything and that to me was a good indication of Snake Oil, if anything.

When I told her as much, Barbara just waved her head and told me to check www.kyaniscience.com where all research and product information were listed, together with the informative videos and white papers. (Being a blogger for the past 10 years, I pride myself in digging out negative reviews on any product.) I did an extensive online search, and to my surprise could not find one single negative review about them. So I started reading more on Kyäni, both the company and the products.

Kyani Nutritional Supplements

Kyäni starts with a personal story. Dr. Maureen McKenzie, a biochemist who has dedicated her life to studying a native tribe of Alaska. She noted that the tribe had no words for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other common diseases and was convinced that the nutritional richness of the tribe’s diet contributed to maintaining their wellbeing in such a challenging environment. Her research identified 2 main ingredients that the tribe routinely consumed: – Wild Alaskan blueberries (powerful anti-oxidants) – Alaskan sockeye salmon (source of the most pristine Omega 3)

Dr. McKenzie is a pioneer in the wild Alaskan blueberry research. She often points to the inherent biodiversity (meaning there are several diverse naturally occurring places) in Alaska. There are 6 climate zones and 2 old-growth rain forests there. Alaska has no pollution and no industry. It is a clean environment, the “last great wilderness.”

Before westernization, the presence of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or cancer was virtually non-existent. Alaskan natives use medicinal foods (such as blueberries) daily. For this reason Dr. McKenzie started a company dedicated to the study and development of supplements based on wild Alaskan blueberries and other subsistence foods used by natives in Alaska.

The environment in Alaska is perfect for growing extremely nutritious blueberries. There are multiple extreme environmental factors. Some of these are:

  • Constant sunlight and damaging UV rays for 77 days of the year.
  • Defense against herbivore animals is necessary.
  • Temperatures that range from 95 degrees in the day to below freezing at night.
  • There are 17 species and subspecies of blueberries in Alaska.

Denali BioTechnology, the company for which Dr. Mckenzie is the CEO, harvests blueberries with respect for the land, cultures and community needs of Alaskans. They have a special system for processing blueberries called Refractance Window Technology. This method allows the blueberries to be used in supplements and saved for juice, etc. with out losing any nutrients. Only water is lost with this technology.

Dr. McKenzie’s lab has a certificate of analysis from the US FDA. The blueberries processed at her lab have been found to be pure of pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. There is a huge difference in chemical profiles from their processing and that of all other processed blueberries, and this is precisely what makes Kyani Sunrise so effective.

Kyäni was found by the Hansen and Taylor families and together they invested more than $350 million into research and product development. To Alaskan wild blueberries and sockeye salmon, two more raw materials were added – the Annatto plant which is the source of the tocotrienols and Noni plant which provides Nitric Oxide. Please watch the two videos below to understand how essential their role is in our wellbeing.

These were the main components used to develop Kyani products, which synergistically nourish, cleanse and balance our bodies.

Going back to my mother, she started speaking coherently after about a month of taking Kyäni, and her recovery was incredibly fast, at least according to her doctors. I myself had started taking Kyäni at about the same time (August 2013), and I’ve felt two things happen. For one, my energy level has increased greatly. I can see this in several ways: it’s easy for me to wake up in the morning, I don’t mind running daily errands, I resolve problems as they come. It’s not just the energy but also the will to do things I couldn’t be bothered with before. It’s almost like an antidepressant. And two, which is really amazing, the chronic migraine pain I was living with for the past 20 years was gone. I do occasionally still get a headache, but nothing that compares to the pain I had before. That to me is miraculous.

My sister got rid of the eczema (dermatitis) on her hands, a difficult condition that she had suffered from for a couple of years. She did this by treating the affected area with Kyani Nitro Extreme. All it took was 2 weeks. Another friend of mine had a really bad case of toenail fungus, that had driven both her and her podiatrist crazy, as it refused to react to any kind of treatment. She also applied Kyäni Nitro Xtreme to her toenail every night, and within a month, her 10 years long ordeal was over.

I could go on telling you more miracle stories I’ve witnessed happen to the people around me who started using Kyäni products, but then I remember how suspicious I was the first time I heard about them, and I know the more I praise them the more suspicious you will become. I don’t want you to take my word for it. I want you to try and see for yourself what the hype is about. Having such great products, Kyäni can afford to give a 100% refund policy, which means that if after one month you do not see significant improvement to your overall health and wellbeing, your money will be refunded in full. So you really have nothing to lose.

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