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The Entheogen Journey

“The antagonism between science and religion, about which we hear so much, appears to me to be purely factitious–fabricated, on the one hand, by short-sighted religious people who confound a certain branch of science, theology, with religion; and, on the other, by equally short-sighted scientific people who forget that science takes for its province only that which is susceptible of clear intellectual comprehension; and that, outside the boundaries of that province, they must be content with imagination, with hope, and with ignorance.”

– Thomas Huxley, The interpreters of Genesis and the interpreters of Nature (1885)


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I couldn’t agree more. Wish there were more people out there as open minded, and daring to explore the spiritual aspects of psychoactive plants. Keep it up!

  2. If you’re interested in entheogens then check out the ethnobotanical trade ring.

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