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Apricot Kernels – FAQs

How do I know my kernels are fresh?

Fresh apricot kernels are cinnamon in color. Apricot kernels that have been out of the shell too long turn a grayish brown color. The longer they’ve been out of the shell and exposed to oxygen, the darker they become. If kernels are grayish or darker brown, they’re not fresh – plain and simple.

Remember, the longer a kernel has been exposed to oxygen, the less nutritive it becomes. For this reason, it’s important you keep your kernels sealed –

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  1. Hey there, where can I order non-bleached aprcot kernel seeds from and how much are they per bag (approx 700kernel)???

    Thank you for your help and information 🙂

  2. Thanks for your wise words; so many people go to either extreme when talking about apricot kernels. Whether bitter or sweet, apricot kernels are a healthy food, if taken in moderation, and can be used as a powerful medicine for lung problems. (Thanks Chinese medicine!) For those curious: according to ancient medical systems, taking bitter fruit seeds like apricot kernel, spanish/bitter almond, apple seed, etc with a small spoonful of raw honey will help to relieve lung problems, both chronic and minor. To do this, eat the seeds raw and apart from meals, as a snack. (Better yet, as your first food for the day or replacing dinner, within reason.)

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