Shamanic Tools

The physical body is the PRIMARY tool implemented by the shaman. It’s brain and central nervous system serves as a host for consciousness, allowing it to experience its immediate physical circumstances.

On Earth, the physical body most readily accepted by shaman consciousness is that of homo sapiens species. The human body is a result of 4 billion years of juxtaposed genetic information filtering itself upon a terrestrial domain. It comes with 5 primary sensory facets which are able to perceive information from a number of dimensions. The human body is available in a wide variety of forms and circumstances including various races and hormone-based genders. Image here.

The human brain itself is the primary nexus for the docking of consciousness and is the most complex organ in the human body. It contains some one hundred billion neurons, which are capable of electrical and chemical communication with tens of thousands of other nerve cells. Nerve cells in turn rely on some quadrillion synaptic connections for their communications.

All of the following tools are all secondary to the physical body.


From the golden crowns of ancient kings, to the star covered hats of the wize old wizard; From the silver tiara of the fair forest princess, to the subtle presence of the yamaka; From the Yogi’s worn turban to the feathered adornment of the Native American shaman; Serving as much more than a helmet for physical protection, the headdress manifests in many forms and many cultures. Some emphasize the sahashrara chakra, some imply a connection with divinity. All celebrate the brain as the foundation of the merge between spirit and matter.


Rules and directs all magical operations.


Runes are corporeal manifestations of cryptography (derived from Greek kryptós “hidden,” and the verb gráfo “write”). A wizard can synthesize these symbols and imbue them with intentionality, rendering them representations of information which can be subsequently perceived by others who understand the code. Alphabets are comprised of runes, and were initially met with the highest mystical respect.

In modern times, the constant use of runes have invalidated their magical attributes to most humans. A human will sit down a a rune terminal (keyboard) in their house, cast their linguistic intentionality through time and space using light magic (send an e-mail), and be completely oblivious to the fact that a magical spell has occurred.


Instrument of impregnation. Used to rule order, and represents the will of the user. Element is fire. Upright symbolizes action, horizontally symbolizes repose.


Represents unbalanced forces. Used to command through threat of punishment, symbolizes justice and retribution. Held with point up, its liberation. Point down its frustration and waste. Element is air.



Used to nurture, draw strength from, wash away evil, spread love.


Element is earth. Used to protect against hostile forces. Can not be changed by inversion, like the rod or sword.


Similar to dagger. Used to command, threaten and punish.


Symbolizes purity and protecting cloak of light.


Personal symbol of user, depicts knowledge and attainment. Changes with user.


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