Bee Pollen – FAQs

bee pollen faq

What is bee pollen?

Pollen, or flower sperm as it is sometimes called, is an herbal product collected by bees. Its flavor and color depend on its botanical source. Pollen is extremely rich in nutritious matter such as albumen, lipids, enzymes, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral matter, ferments and other active components. That is why it is a valuable supplement in the treatment of various diseases.

Nutritious and therapeutic qualities 
Pollen, or flower sperm, is often used in the treatment of prostate troubles, even in extremely difficult, chronic cases. Pollen improves fertility and lowers blood cholesterol. It improves cerebral blood circulation and is recommended to people under great mental and physical strain. Pollen’s extraordinary protein complex is a natural means to regenerate the liver. Pollen is also often used in cosmetics.

How is pollen

Pollen may be mixed with water, milk or tea. It is best to grind it and mix it with honey because it improves the taste and adds to its positive effect.

 Pollen may cause allergic reactions, especially with children. Take smaller dosage in the beginning.

How to store pollen?

Pollen is stored in a cool, dry and dark place in a hermetically sealed pot, if possible.


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