Divination Methods

What is divination but a conversation with God?

On my journey of self-exploration I had encountered many different divination methods. Norse Runes had come to me first, and are still my preferred means of spiritual consultation. Their simplicity and straightforwardness somehow always manage to shed the light on a situation and give one clarity, when in doubt.

Then came the I Ching, whose complexities I am still trying to uncover.

In 1996, I started studying astrology, the divine language of the universe.  Although now I can speak and write it quite well, I still consider myself its humble student. Why? Simply because the subject of the stars is so broad, it would take one several lifetimes to master it. (And something tells me this is my first life of study.)

I’ve experimented with various Tarot decks as well, but it took time to find “my own”. It’s been said that a Tarot deck should never be bought for oneself, but rather be received as a gift. Having this in mind, I asked my mother to  get me one as a birthday present. But I asked her to go to a shop with a large selection of Tarot decks, close her eyes, and pick one especially  for me. It was the Alchemical Tarot by Rosemary Ellen Guiley & Robert M. Place, and it seemed to fit me like a glove. I am not saying it is the best one, only that it works for me.

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