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Use of Cannabis Oil in Melanoma Treatment

When it comes to cancer, it is obvious that the need for alternative treatments is growing, and topical cannabis oil offers a much needed avenue to explore.

Throughout history hemp has been known as a medicinal plant. Yet this hasn’t been considered much in the political playground where the goal is making money. Many large pharmaceutical companies that still operate today sold cannabis based medicine in the 1800′s and early 1900′s. Hemp oil if produced properly is a cure-all that the pharmaceutical industry can’t patent. The current restrictions against cannabis were implemented, not because it is bad, but because big money needs to make more big money, even if it means we suffer and die needlessly.

If we were allowed to grow marijuana plants in our backyard and cure our own disease, where would be the money in that for the pharmaceutical industry?

Anybody with a life threatening condition or a limited time left to live should have instant access to the miraculous, therapeutic, and cancer fighting properties of cannabis.

Please help support our efforts to make edible and topical cannabis oils readily available to those with life-threatening conditions. Spread the word!

For more information, visit Phoenix Tears website, and watch this great, informative video clip.

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    How often do you check your skin for signs of cancer?
    Melanoma can be cured if it is diagnosed and treated when the tumor is thin and has not deeply invaded the skin.

    The melanoma online risk calculator is designed by scientists at the National Cancer Institute, the University of California, and the University of Pennsylvania, to estimate an individual’s absolute risk of developing invasive melanoma cancer.

    Inform yourself and identify are you at high risk for this disease – click here

  • Nancybudwell

    Why must people wait until they get to this stage to have access . . .
    “Anybody with a life threatening condition or a limited time left to live
    should have instant access to the miraculous, therapeutic, and cancer
    fighting properties of cannabis.”

  • mariam

    My friend introduce to this herbal doctor from Africa who provide me with herbal medicine and hemp oil to cure my cancer,this medication was procured and delivered to me within a week and after using the medication for four weeks,i saw a great change and as I’m writing this article i am not a cancer patient and i am healthy again. The reason i am this article is because many people have died of this deadly disease that have no orthodox cure and many people are still out there suffering from this disease today. If you there reading this article and know anybody suffering any kind of cancer contact Dr Ukuse via email: herbalhealinghome@gmail.com and give him a trial and i know he will help you and make the person live again.

  • kiyana


    My husband have been suffering from thyroid cancer for the past two years and so lucky for us we were able to acquire hemp oil from cancer centre london via email londoncancercentre@gmail.com alongside directions on how to use the oil treatment,as i am writing this article now my husband is no longer a cancer patient and he is well and healthy.we are happy family again.i want people out there to know that with hemp oil cancer can be cured.

    kiyana Lauren

  • Martina Sidney

    I am here to share my experience with Dr Raymond Wallace cannabis oil to you all,i was diagnosed with breast Cancer for close to 2 years i have been in struggling to get a permanent cure but could not get any,i have use some one’s cannabis oil but it did not work.It was faithful day i was in the hospital to do my normal check up then on my way home i was on a discussion with a friend i met on the walk way she then ask me how was my family and what brought me to the hospital i then told her every thing with tears on my eyes and she was touched and she told me she could be of help to me that there is this Doctor that has a very good and active cannabis that has the power to cure every cancer,she then further told me that she had cancer on her leg some times ago that it was Dr Raymond cannabis oil that brought her back to life and she don’t feel any pain again,she gave me Dr Raymond Wallace contact(dr.raymondcannabisoil@hotmail.com) i contacted him and after some little stress it was was delivered to me in my country USA in less than five days.To cut my story short i applied it as he explained and glory be to God today i am completely healed by Dr Raymond cannabis oil and i am glad to let the whole world know this good man and contact him for help through his email(dr.raymondcannabisoil@hotmail.com).