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High Quality Chinese Herbs at Low Price

If you are like me, more likely to look for rescue to alternative medicine when it comes to preventing and treating a wide range of common maladies, then the EU Ban on Medicinal Herbs will affect you and your freedom of medical choice greatly.

I am stocking up on my Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs now, before this senseless ban comes into effect. Mind you, if I see a chance to break this law, I’ll be more than happy to

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  1. Health Freak says:

    Thank you for this information. I am like you, searching internet to find where I can order Chinese herbs before February next year.

    Chinese medicinal herbs are the only thing that seems to help treating my husband’s cancer. I hope we won’t have to move to China to save his life.


  1. […] light of the upcoming EU Ban on Medicinal Herbs, I’ve decided to stock up on my Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs. After spending the whole morning researching the net for a good online shop, I finally found the […]

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