Reality of Life and Death

Here’s an account of a Salvia Divinorum experience I had a while ago…

Biggest Secret

SESSION 7: 10x salvia extract in bong

From the middle of my vision, a swirling pattern of light intensified, creating what I could only describe as a hole in reality! Simultaneously, my mind was being flooded with forgotten memories and truths at such a pace that I was dumbfounded in awe – gasping, “Wow!.. Oh my God!.. What?” etc. Through the hole, I could see the glowing outlines of two beings made of light, and I realized they were constructing our everyday reality. I felt a new consciousness awaken within me and forgot I had inhaled salvia. I observed the Beings for a moment as they slotted large blocks of reality into place, the edges of which, ran along my arms. When I slightly moved my arms from side to side, I could feel the inside of my skin rubbing against the corners of the blocks.

A young female, human in appearance, came into sight and telepathically instructed me to remain silent. She communicated to me that I was about to be let-in on the biggest secret ever. She turned my awareness around to reveal a black curtain, not in my everyday view, but somehow always there, just behind my mind. She told me to go through the curtain to have the very rare privilege of being allowed to remember what was ‘going on’ behind everyday reality.

It was made known to me at this point, that humanity’s history on earth as we had come to believe, was not real. The passing of time was not real and all that really existed, was an eternal, timeless-now. The millions of years that had passed was just an illusion cast over the consciousness of Man.

Without hesitation, I went through the ‘secret’ black curtain and came out into a great expanse of white space.

From the outside, what I exited appeared similar to a photo booth. Either, it was a portal into our normal universe or, our entire universe was contained inside it (or the illusion of it). I remembered my real, eternal life outside, and I asked myself, ‘How did I forget this so easily?’ However, I felt ecstatic that I was fortunate enough to have made it back ‘home’ as evidently, it was all too easy to lose oneself in the illusion of life and forget the true reality.

I had remembered many things; this ‘outside’ was, is and always will be my true home and that life was just a temporary state I was going through. But there were some things I just couldn’t, or weren’t allowed to remember; why or how did I got caught under the spell of life? What is it that I’m supposed to do in life? And, how long do I have to remain here? Though the latter may be asking ‘When will I die?’ it was more a case of ‘When will I get out of this temporary hindrance (life) to resume my real life outside?’

Another strange memory was that, this wasn’t the first time I had been ‘out here’ with the help of salvia. Apparently, I had done so on a few occasions before, long ago – in previous lives, perhaps.

To get some answers, I casually began talking with the Light-Being that was overseeing our reality. I felt as if we’d known each other for eons. His response, as with the cat-people, was reassuring; everything was alright and I would be free from the spell of life relatively soon. Also, should I wish, salvia was there to help me return to the ‘outside’ and remember my true being.

I could feel my consciousness slowly drifting towards consensual reality. The Light-Being appeared to be re-closing the hole – sort of weaving the edges back together. Realising I had to return to my usual self and resume my life, I cried out to the being, “How long do I have to wait?” (to get back outside). He didn’t respond so I shouted again, “Well, make my death easy!”

The sound of my voice snapped me back into my normal awareness and I realized I was shouting. I became aware of consensual reality and hoped the neighbours hadn’t heard my strange yelling.

My thoughts:

I felt very odd, having just loudly chatted to… Myself? Was this schizophrenia? For the first time in my life, I was talking to ‘someone’ that wasn’t there! A lot more was spoken with the Light-Being, and a lot of knowledge was revealed to me. I had the feeling that I would be able to retain the knowledge, but I forgot the majority of it surprisingly quickly, once I returned to normal – in less than five minutes.

I felt an unusual ‘high’ upon returning – confident and reassured, perhaps brought on by the knowledge that everything was alright and that I had remembered where I would return to when I die. I’m sure I knew at the time but, who was the Being and why did I ask him to make my death easy? What influence did he have on my life?

I remember the outside as a large, white hall and I had the distinct feeling that it was void of time. Time, it appeared, only existed whilst one was in the ‘booth’ of life. Because of this, it felt like I was talking to the Being ‘in’ infinity. A timeless-infinity.

Because I was outside the physical illusion of time, it’s effects weren’t applicable to my consciousness. I sensed a stillness in which a hundred ‘years’ could have easily passed – had time been ticking, but outside, the whole concept of time seemed irrelevant. It really did feel as if I had ‘spent’ hundreds of years talking with the Being, but on my return to consensual reality, hardly any time had passed.

From the book SALVIA DIVINORUM Reality of Life and Death by Stuart Mason


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