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I Take Illegal Drugs For Inspiration

I found this article originally published in Daily Telegraph, Saturday May 21st 2005, pp 17-18.

(Note: This version is very slightly different from the published, edited, version)
© Sue Blackmore 2005

Every year, like a social drinker who wants to prove to herself that she’s not an alcoholic, I give up cannabis for a month. It can be a tough and dreary time – and much as I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner,  alcohol cannot take its place.
Some people may smoke dope just to relax or have fun, but for me the reason goes

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  1. jack hernandez says:

    That was the most amazing article I have read in about a year, it expresses everything i have ever tried to express about drugs and mental exploration, whoever you are that wrote this article, thankyou!


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