EU to Ban Medicinal Herbs from April 2011

Thanks to legislation that was first put in place six years ago, virtually all herbal medications and supplements will become illegal in the EU as of April, 2011.

Freedom of choice in medicine is being taken away. You and your loved ones will only have access to the treatments based on Pharmaceutical Drugs. No traditional remedies, no Chinese herbs, no Ayurvedic herbs, no medicinal herbs whatsoever. Chinese medicine practitioners will lose access to the majority of the herbs and medicines on which they rely. Consumers will NOT be able to buy any Chinese herbal products within the EU.

This legislation has of course been heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, who are the only ones who stand to gain by this legislation. There is not any evidence to prove that herbal medicine present a significant risk to the public under previous and present legislation, when policed properly.

The European Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products (THMPD) was first passed back in March of 2004. This legislation established a new set of rules and regulations for the use of herbal products that have been freely traded for hundreds of years.

According to InfoWars.com, “This directive requires that all herbal preparations must be put through the same kind of procedure as pharmaceuticals. It makes no difference whether a herb has been in common use for thousands of years. The costs for this are far higher than most manufacturers, other than Big Pharma, can bear, with estimates ranging from £80,000 to £120,000 per herb, and with each herb of a compound having to be treated separately.”

This is a massive infringement of each person’s ability to prevent and treat illness in ways that he or she sees fit. Cleverly cloaked as issues of “public safety” this directive, and similar laws that are being considered in the United States, are nothing more than Big Pharma’s attempt to wipe out the competition.

If you would like to stop the traditional herbal medicinal products directive, please take a minute to SIGN THE PETITION.