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Cancer Treatment E-Books

Here you will find a constantly updated collection of links to various e-books on anything that has to do with cancer research, alternative treatment methods, recommended exercise, nutrition supplements, spiritual guidance, emotional support, and recovery.


  1. Bob Marley died of Melanoma right ?-`’

  2. i like to add herbs and spices on the foods i cook.;:’

  3. melanoma is quite dangerous, so make sure that you get early detection or early treatment*’~

  4. melanoma is deadly but is is often hard to get that disease too.:.

  5. melanoma as just as deadly as the common forms of cancer:.:

  6. melanoma can really kill people in such a very short time specially if the immune system is compromised `*,

  7. health supplements in form of herbs and spices are great additions for your foods and pastry, i’ve been using them for several years ;~”


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