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Best Legal Highs – Marijuana Alternatives

If you are looking for legal ways to get high, look no more.  We tested out many herbal smokes that advertise on internet, and here are our top 10 picks that will give you something more than just fruity flavor. If you want to test them, just follow the link.

  1. Orange Krush Bud

    Orange Krush is the newest strain of legal buds. It features one of the most potent smokes we have tried. This bud smokes super smooth and is composed of chunks of bud with small red hairs. It has a

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  1. Orange Crush and Dutch Haze are superb, both in taste and the high they produce. However, I tried hawaian haze and taste is awful!! High non-existant, doesn’t look like picture either – total lies!!!

  2. I think that a lot of the illegal highs are less dangerous than the legal highs!

  3. i am using herbal oils for healing minor cuts and burns…~

  4. number 1 question is how the fuck can I find anyone with them??? could I make them myself?

  5. Thomas Morris says:

    Orange Crush is the best one I tried. Beats Jamaican bud, and that’s tough to beat!

  6. This blog is great and has provided interesting and useful information. I haven’t tried any of these alternatives yet, but I plan to. These highs may not give the same effects as the original but they are totally a bomb. Thanks and I hope to see such information in the future as well.

  7. I’m from Western Australia & as we all know, Kronic is illegal here now.
    What other products are out there that can get you high? I work at the mines so I get drug tested. I started smoking weed again as I LOVE the stuff but I risk losing my job every time I get called out for a drug test.
    A few of us boys have been researching other local Australian weed’s & plant’s.
    We came across a weed called “Lactuca Virosa” (also known as wild lettuce).
    Its a very common weed found all over the world including Australia.
    The process seems a bit of a pain but we are willing to find something new.
    Are there any other plant’s or weed’s that are known to get people high apart from MJ?
    We have tried alot of different stuff lately & I think it’s doing more harm then good (highs). One of the boys ended up in hospital & he told us he dried & smoked some kind of Cactus. As you can see we are desperate to find something new but my worry is that it might actually kill one of us or have a really bad & negative side effect.
    We are trying to find out also if there is a political party that we can turn to to try & fight for the legality of weed & other similar substances?
    Most of the guys jumped onto hard drugs on their R&R as it’s out of the system quicker & you can pass drug tests without a worry but this is the fault of the government & the law.
    Could you please help us out & link any useful sites please.
    It’s a shame that the government does what they think is right but in actual fact they are doing more harm & not realizing the extent & risk people are putting themselves through to have a high instead of drinking etc…
    We could go on about this for ever & it feels like we are all wasting our time but we need to ask the question & find that other alternative or simply get together & fight this government for legalization & control of preferably Marijuana or next best thing – Kronic.
    Sorry for the long email.


  8. Bad Boy says:

    Hi from England.

  9. Bad Boy says:

    Here they Sell Legal Weed for almost £30 an Eighth. Which is 3.5 Grams.
    If You buy it Wholesale ( Minimum Order £1500 ) it becomes just £5.50 for 3.5 Grams.
    Meaning that We have been getting Ripped Right Off!
    We only discovered the Wholesale Price Yesterday.

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