Astrology – Essential Reading

For almost two decades I have been one insatiable student of astrology. I find that astrology is best learned by doing as many charts as you can, for as many people as you can, and by following closely the cycles and the transits of the planets on your own chart. It is an invaluable tool for self-growth and realization.

Many books are written on astrology. Unfortunately, today the number of the texts written by far exceeds the quality. For this reason I’d like to share with you those rare books that have singularly been stepping stones and constant sources of enlightenment on my path.


  1. If you are a strong believer in astrology, or if you are new to the field and would like to know how to get more involved, free on line astrology is a great way to start, based on equal parts astrology and philosophy, astrology is based upon the movements of planets in the sky. It is widely believed among astrologers that the predictable nature of planet rotations and orbits can be used to determine the outcome of future events, so let free on line astrology guide you everyday.

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