Apricot Kernels Cooking Tips

Apricot Kernels Taste

Apricot kernels that are fresh, high quality, naturally-dried, retain their full compliment of natural nutrients. This is reflected in their unusual flavor, which is why most people consider them to be a spice. As with most spices, however, the flavor may not be pleasing when consumed alone or in large quantities. One would not expect to eat a handful of pepper corns, for example, without experiencing an adverse reaction. Likewise, one should not expect to enjoy eating apricot kernels straight out of the bag – although we are informed by many customers that they do not mind the taste that way and even have come to like it.

Apricot Kernels Spice

We recommend that the kernels be ground in a blender, placed into a grated-cheese shaker, and then sprinkled lightly over main-course foods. When used in this fashion, they take on an almond-like flavor that, to most people, is quite pleasing. They are especially tasty on hot vegetable dishes, fruit, baked potatoes, and soup, and also when mixed into cold cereal or granola. They really add to the flavor of almost everything.

Some of our customers tell us they purchase empty gelatin capsules at their health-food store or drug store and then fill them with ground-up kernels. This is a convenient way to carry the kernels as seasoning for use away from home.

Apricot Kernels Snack

Many people also like to chew the kernels, whole or chopped, along with something sweet, such as a trail mix of carob chips, unsulfured raisins, peanuts, and coconut flakes. A delicious candy roll can be made from this mix by adding a little honey and coating with melted carob.

Grinding Apricot Kernels

When grinding kernels in a blender, process only a half-cup at a time to avoid having them compact and become butter-like. The usual shelf life of Apricot Kernels at room temperature is four months but, if kept under refrigeration, it is about a year. We recommend storing them in the refrigerator or freezer to keep them fresh and to prevent infestation.

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